Ich Bin Ein Berliner

Splashed in graffiti, trending to its every whim is the city of Berlin. For an entire month, I get to live like a Berliner in this fashion-forward, uncomfortably cool capital. And I’m loving it.

At first I was afraid of being lonely. New city. New people. New language. And new can be hard. But as I’ve settled into my “Studentin” routine and gotten my train routes coordinated, I have been able to look up from myself (and my train map) and observe the beauty all around me. With each new glimpse of beautiful Berlin, I am reminded I am not alone.

The stranger that helped me translate the German announcement at the train stop became a (somehow relatable) PhD student from Spain who spends his days researching in Berlin archives. The girl that’s been sitting at my classroom table the last two days is now a new friend from Italy. And the coffee outing I ventured on with two other classmates after school today turned into a heartfelt discussion about Christianity and the Church.

This place in which I feel welcomed and not nearly hip enough to live has won me over. And I can’t wait to discover what this next month of German language-learning brings in the meantime.

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