Pavement Ponderings: Thursday

“Pavement Ponderings” is a collection of short reflective essays, so-named from the walk along the paved sidewalk taken multiple times each day from the dorm to my apartment.

My 6:15 alarm heralds the beginning of another Thursday morning. No snoozes this time.

The haus feasts on egg frittatas. My fingernails thank me later for the dried remnants on the pan.

Between errands I have a few moments for laundering. Opening the front-loader evokes similar thrills to a treasure hunt; one finding up to three different coins of currency in the rubber gasket during any given load. This must be an international dorm.

After-school snack comes quicker than anticipated. Fewer girls come home than expected. Two of them are courageous enough to eat what I’ve prepared: cinnamon vanilla steamers, Germany’s version of frozen Bagel Bites, and some overcooked “soft” pretzels. They say they love it. I could’ve hugged them.

18:00 comes even sooner and it’s time for one of the girl’s horseback riding lessons. I drive the stick-shift car along the curvy, rainy, dark roads. Creativity is required for parking. We finally arrive, the lesson proves successful, and I help brush the horse and feed him carrots—a much-needed escape from the busyness of the day.

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