Here’s to 2015

I’m a couple weeks late in writing this ode to a new year. But it was this morning, as I awoke at 10 AM on our day off that the dust of jet lag and homesickness began to settle. Already a week back in Germany and it is as though nothing has changed at all.

photo 1

A Plane View of the Alps

photo 2

A New Year, a New Room Arrangement

photo 3

Christmas in Daley Plaza, Chicago

photo 4

Another Layover, Paris Airport

photo 5

A Plane View of Lisbon, Portugal

3 weeks. 4 cities. 11 airports. Christmas break is past and the reality of a new year grows more present each day.

Here’s to a (more familiar) new beginning,

May meals simmer with remnants of home,

Friendships deepen, Second languages strengthen,

And hope for the unknown future excite.

May adventures be discovered,

Risks taken, and Courage continue.

Here’s to creating, learning, loving, and listening.

Here’s to you, 2015.

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