God is Love or God is Holy?

Recently, I’ve heard something quite interesting said by two different people on separate occasions.

It goes something like this:

We as Christians tend to focus too much on the love of God when He is holy King and worthy of our worship, completely other than us. We forget we are His slaves when we focus too much on the fact that we are His children.

This caught my attention. To think that I could over-comprehend the love God has for me when He chose me in Christ to be predestined since before the earth’s foundations. Herein lies the problem with such thinking. We abstract the attributes of God’s character from God Himself. In Him, is holiness and love, power and peace. These “concepts” are meaningless apart from God Himself and cease to exist. How could the finite even attempt to comprehend the Infinite One’s holiness apart from His love or His love detached from His holiness? To know holy God is to know the One who is Love. And surely, the profound mysteries of the Person and Work of Christ could only begin with the beautiful simplicity of knowing that “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” For to know Christ and His love is to worship Him as holy Lord and King. They are not and could never be mutually exclusive.

It’s like saying that I know God but do not worship Him. This is impossible. For to know God is in fact, to see Him as He has miraculously and graciously revealed Himself to be to sinful man and to thus worship Him for who He is. There is no other response.

One comment on “God is Love or God is Holy?

  1. It’s interesting that these people said that, because when Paul talks about being slaves, he actually means that a person who is now a disciple of Jesus Christ was once a slave to their passions, the world and the devil, but that following Christ makes them now His son or daughter – and this is the preferrable state. That we are slaves no longer, but children who can cry, “Father”.

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