I Dream of Chicago

In two days it will be two weeks since I arrived in Germany…and for that long I didn’t cry once. But today, as I began telling someone about my first Moody roommate, my eyes started to water and that was the end of my tearless record.

I left the large room at once in search of the closest empty dorm room. As soon as I reached one, I felt the loss of everything I said goodbye to in May all over again. People keep telling me that it’s a huge transition to move to a new country. But the transition I felt today was that for the first time, I wouldn’t be going back to school. And even scarier, I wouldn’t be returning to my beloved Chicago, the place I call home.

While I’ve been overwhelmed by how the Lord has blessed my transition to Germany, I cannot begin this new adventure without reflecting on the beauty I’ve left behind. A city full of people I will never be able to replace. A school and community with hearts I will never have so much in common with. A family on Oak Street I will forever treasure as my own. Chicago and all she embodies has left her mark on me and there’s no undoing that. For the first time in my life, I will not be returning to school where fall is commenced with pumpkin spice lattes and theology papers. Where rainy Saturdays are spent huddled in coffee shops or in dorm rooms serenaded by Norah Jones. And where Augusts are spent preparing for a new dorm floor theme. My heart is heavy today with longing and loss for my dear Chicago and the people who call it home with me.

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